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In the early 1990’s I met a great group of people who wanted to open up space to private enterprise. In 1996, we launched Rotary Rocket Company, which became the first true, serious, private space-launch company. At the time, few people believed that space launch systems could be developed by any organization smaller than a major world government. But experience told us otherwise.

Rotary Rocket ended up attracting an enormous amount of press, and excited many entrepreneurs in the tech community. We had the good fortune to attract world-renowned people, such as Tom Clancy, Richard Branson, and Burt Rutan, the legendary aircraft designer. We quickly found ourselves the subject of countless newspaper and magazine articles, documentaries, books, and television news broadcasts. In fact, we were the very first story ever covered on the then-fledgling Fox News Channel, being featured just moments after the network went live on its very first broadcast day in 1996.

Today, there is a healthy, growing private space industry. I am proud of what our team was able to accomplish, and delighted to have played a role in inspiring this vibrant industry.